Glenn Kenworthy is a social entrepreneur, a marketer, an investor and a business consultant.

He is the founder of  GKMC Ltd a bespoke marketing consultancy providing marketing guidance to MedTech startups. Glenn is also the author of MedTechBlogs, which occasionally shares snippets of interesting MedTech news.

For many years, Glenn has brought physicians into companies to help them with product development, to launch a new therapy or to join an advisory board or clinical trial to bring products to market and help patients.


A marketing consultancy that is enthusiastic, creative and results based. Offering you a strategic marketing consultancy located near Oxford in the UK and working for clients both locally and internationally. GKMC specialises in the MedTech sector, but also works with any kind of startup to overcome the challenges of getting the front end marketing and strategy development right for launch and development.


Interesting snippets of MedTech news

You can get in touch via email on the contact page or schedule a 30 minute introductory call;

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